Today’s comic marks my contribution to Comics Go Pink in support of Breast Cancer awareness month. As I mentioned before, I’m not part of King Features, but I was so taken with their effort I had to throw my hat in and give a shout-out to their fund raising. They’ve been taking donations for a number of great charities as well as auctioning off a piece of original artwork, which was up to $400.00 when last checked. Awesome job!

My friend Ted teases me about being a crusader, but I’m a great believer in a cure in our lifetime. So if any of my super-awesome readers want to chip in, my personal breast cancer charity of choice is the Princess Margaret Hospital foundation. They are one of the top five research centers in the world, aggressively focused on finding a cure.

It was really fun working in colour. I went with design markers on board rather than digitally painting this one. Mostly because I haven’t used them since college and I remembered really enjoying working with ink, (turns out, I still do). It was a toss up between ink and water colour which is another favourite medium, it’s just so calming and gentle. I can pick away at a water colour piece for hours. In this case I think the ink was the right choice, water colour loses a lot of contrast in scanning.