This Friday’s comic will be the 200th Promises Promises strip posted!

That’s a substantial milestone and I’m pretty excited about it. When I started this, I never really thought about getting to two hundred comics.

Actually, I remember when I got my copy of How To Make Webcomics, (excellent book by the way), I had only posted a handful of strips but I was having a great time and wanted to know more about how to keep it rolling. That book is co-authored by some of my favourite cartoonists so I was pretty stoked about it. I don’t remember how it was worded exactly and I don’t have my copy handy to reference, but in one of the first chapters there’s a paragraph that talks about choosing your topic/theme. They strongly encourage you to choose a topic that’s close to you rather than one you think will fill a niche market. Great advice, but the example they used was a comic about a gym. If you write about that you’ll run out of material and get bored. I’m paraphrasing, but I remember having a pretty good laugh and thinking, “Great! I’ve chosen the one topic my mentors are warning me away from.”

Seemed like something I would do.

But, here we are! I still have a lot of fun working on these and even though I don’t always get a chance to reply, I appreciate all of your comments and emails. I’m looking forward to number two hundred on Friday and hey, maybe even three hundred one day!