Fortunately or unfortunately, this week is fully a bust web-comic wise.  The upside to is that I’ve had paying work, which means I can keep up the home-office. (YAY!)  The bigger downside is that I have to be out of town next week and didn’t get a buffer built so the strip is going on hiatus, for just a little longer.  Apologies for that but I just couldn’t bring myself to post the stuff I managed to rush out onto paper this week, the quality just isn’t there.

I hope to keep the work-related interruptions to a minimum, but the reality is that because I have to do expensive things like eat and pay rent, Promises can’t always be my first priority.  The solution is obvious, figure out how to make a living wage doing this…or win the lotto.  You’ll be happy to know I already have my ticket for Saturday, so that plan is right on schedule.

I will be back full strength, on the 15th, (I’m giving myself that weekend to draw).  Then back to normal posting.  In the meantime, Happy Valentines Day! As the real-life Baroness would say “Love and Sammiches”!

Thanks so much for your continued patience.