Thanks for the very thoughtful emails on file recovery.  I only managed to reply to a few, but I appreciate all your thoughts.  The problem was that the file I deleted was on my Blackberry, not my computer and I didn’t have it backed up.  I even went as far as to call Blackberry tech support and all they could do was confirm what I already figured; I was berry, berry screwed.

Not to be defeated by technology, but my head was just not in the right place for drawing after all that so I took a break and hit the gym for body-combat class! (Woot!) It’s a martial-arts inspired, tae-bo kinda work out.  Lots of fun and a great way to let off some steam, but I must have been angrier than I thought because I really over did it… I can’t lift my arms today but it cleared my head and actually inspired some new comics, (which I will be writing down in a pocket notebook with a good old fashioned ball point pen from now on).  So, I’ve decided to see this incident as a learning experience, (back up back up back up!) and I’m actually liking the new stuff I’m writing enough to accept that maybe the universe was trying to tell me the old jokes weren’t worth drawing out and to move on! (Everyone’s a critic.)

Well, back to the drawing board, with luck and a bit of scrambling  I’ll have tomorrow and Friday up on time.