Going into week number three of my Insanity challenge and just finished my second fit test. My form was better but overall, I’m not thrilled with the results.

Switch Kicks: -19 (WTF?!?!)
Power Jacks: +6
Power Knees: +26
Power Jumps: 0
Globe Jumps: +3
Suicide Jumps: +3
Push up Jacks: +13
Plank Obliques: +11

I haven’t done my weigh-in yet* but, on a more positive note, I’m down an inch around my waist and hips and half an inch around my arms. That’s particularly impressive when I consider how few trick-or-treaters we had this year and yet somehow, there’s no candy left. (Doh!)

*I don’t have a scale at home, I have to go to the gym to weigh-in or I’d just go do it now.