Been doing a bit of running around the last few days, getting ready for Fan Expo. With the new book, it’s a pretty big year for me and I’m looking forward to it.

Brian and I will be at table A9 in Artist Alley. Top left of the map, by the signing areas, which was kind of a relief to me. Last year we were right near the gaming section and the noise got a bit overwhelming. It was hard to talk to people who came by.

We’re stepping up our game a bit too. We’ll still have bookmarks and cards to give out, but we finally got some posters made up for hanging behind us. I’m really pleased with how they came out. They’ll add a nice bit of height to our presentation and hopefully make us more easy to spot.

I will have lots and lots of copies of Starting Tomorrow as well as the yoga prints. If you wanted original artwork or a print of a specific comic, click the buy print button below the comic you want and/or drop me an email that you will be at the show and to have it there for you (I’ll refund the shipping, of course).

Please be sure to have original artwork, prints and commission requests submitted to me no later than Tuesday (I’ll need Wednesday to get them prepped in time). Both Brian and I will be taking commission and sketch requests as always, and just for fun I got some sketch cards to work on.

Looking forward to seeing y’all there!