From Shapeless Blog:

Once again it looks like someone is trying to set a new low in internet douche-baggery.

If you’re not familiar with scrapers, they’re apps or pages that help themselves to a site’s content and re-posts it without permission, credit or even a link to the original work. There are more than one of these scraper-apps for webcomics and now, joy of joys, they’re on facebook too.

This one being particularly sinister in that it solicits donations claiming to “help improve” or “keep alive” the site they’re plagiarizing. (Note the red circle in the photo above, from the Shapeless blog.) Please don’t think for a minute that the cartoonist is going to see one red cent of that donation.

If you want to support your favourite comics (which is always appreciated), buy a book, print or something from their store. Some sites do post a donation button, but it’s usually exclusive to that site and if you’re unsure you can contact any of us for confirmation before donating.

I am not opposed to collecting donations for content, but I don’t do it personally (I like to save my mooching for things like Movember or whatever other cause du jour). So if you happen to find an app or page with Promises Promises content asking for anything, please let me know directly and don’t give them your money.