Chicken Kebabs for the Food Revolution Recipe of the week! Just in time too. I love outdoor grilling and when the weather starts to get warm, nobody wants to heat up the oven and the house along with it.

Kebabs are another fast, fun and easy meal. If you don’t have a barbecue, they come out just as well on a George Foreman, (knock out the the fat!) grill. Jamie’s recipe is great, really tasty, but a lot of meat for me these days. So I like to shuffle mine up with some nice chunky veg. I used chicken (marinated), grape tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, purple onion, fennel (one of the most under rated grilling veggies in my opinion), red and yellow peppers. Brushed them over with a little olive oil and pop ’em onto the grill.


According to Jamie:

The key to making good kebabs is taking time to ensure your ingredients are cut to roughly the same size and thickness. That way, everything cooks evenly and you get a lovely finished result.

The other great thing about kebabs is how far they can stretch a grocery budget. I can actually serve 4 people with two chicken breasts and still have leftovers for lunch. It’s surprising how filling they are.

In other nutrition news, apparently the USDA is set to announce a  re-structuring of the old food pyramid. I’m all for the initiative, but credit where it’s due, the new plan sounds an awful lot like Ann Cooper‘s Meal Wheel. Props to the Renegade Lunch Lady!