I got the Halcon photos uploaded to the Promises Facebook page yesterday.

This was, by far and away, the most fun convention I’ve ever been to. Start to finish. It was incredibly well organized, they treated us like gold, the fans and the costumes were amazing, there was the most fun vibe there the whole time and they raised upwards of $5,000.00 for charity! I couldn’t believe it when I found out it was entirely volunteer-run. They did an astounding job by professional standards, let alone volunteer.

As for me, personally, the show was a success on so many levels. The books and prints did well sales-wise (which reminds me, if anyone is still looking for holiday cards, I have them for sale up on Etsy, or just email me and I’ll set it up). I finally got to meet Joel and Jocelyn face-to-face. That was kind of funny, for some reason it never really occurred to me that I only knew them online. I guess awesome people are just as awesome in the virtual world as they are in real-life (all that awesome must get exhausting). I had some great conversations with fans, met some absolutely wonderful people and our webcomics panel was a lot of fun.

There were some fun fan-moments of my own too. I got to talk to Rene Auberjonois (I love Boston Legal) and had a few really fun chats with John Rhys-Davies. Careful getting your photo taken with him, he tickles you just before the flash goes off! (I’m not making that up, Jocelyn and I were talking about making “Tickle-me Gimli” dolls for next year.) We got to know Paul and Storm a little bit and had dinner with them. They’re remarkably witty and their show was hilarious!

I lucked out and caught a flight before Sandy rolled in. Come to think of it, even my flight home was fun, I got seated next to this really interesting lady, Karen, and we chatted the entire time. Great conversation is especially appreciated since I started working from home.

I couldn’t have planned a better way to wrap up the 2012 appearances. So, big thanks to everyone involved, I’m already looking forward to next year.