Late getting the strip up again.  Sorry about that.  I got fussing with the site and not being terribly savvy yet it was a distraction that took WAY longer than I should have let it.

Excuses aside, I got the left sidebar all spiffed up. I’m pretty pleased about that.  New links banner and some space between my super-talented friends link icons.  Check them out, if you get a chance, they are awesome people.  Also, a new header under links for “Appearances”. Ta-Daaah!  My buddy Brian and I will be sketching it up at Toronto Fan Expo again this August and we will also be doing the kid’s comics talk at the Toronto Public Library as part of their Keep Toronto Reading program in April. We did that one last year too, it was a great time.  We’re hoping to get back to SPX again in the fall, but that will depend on the budget so we’ll have to see, but if you’re around please say hello, always great to meet new people.

The next big hurtle for the site will be to figure out how to get some ad space sold.  I’m looking at Project Wonderful and a couple of other ad-generators, but I have to admit, I’m particular about content.  I want to keep this a PG site and some of those ads can get a little racy.  Must do more reading but if anyone has any helpful hints, please drop me an email, I can use all the advice I can get.

Also, I don’t think I mentioned it yet but thanks to my super awesome readers we got our Facebook vanity URL!  We are  That is probably WAY more exciting to me than it should be, but having the bump was a lot of fun.  I think we’re up to 43 friends as I’m writing this.  As I’ve said, more friends are always welcome and feel free to comment or drop a recipe to the alternative kitchen.  Thanks again for joining up. You guys are a lot of fun.