Between my Blackberry, my computer and my car, I am beginning to suspect there is some enormous technological conspiracy to keep me from updating my comic.

Big drama today.  My computer has been hijacked by some sort of nasty virus that basically has me on virtual lock-down unless I buy their anti-virus software.  Back in the day, that was known a protection racket. (grumble grumble #$@!! CRIMINALS!) So, I’m posting this from my sweetie’s computer but without my scanner and my tablet posting comics is a problem.  I’m working on finding an alternative, but until I do or  get my system re-built this weekend, I’m sorry to say there won’t be new comics posted.

On the up-side, when I do get it sorted I will post Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this week, so there will be three in a row.  I have to keep posting if I want to have enough together to do a book this year.  Also, for a bit of fun and to say thanks again for your collective patience, (or rather “to clean up my mess once again”, as she puts it) the Baroness has started her own forumspring account and will be delighted to answer any and all of your questions.