Well, I made it. I did the full 10km in the 30th Terry Fox run as resolved back in January! I actually came in about a half hour less than I thought I would so I was extra-stoked about that. I do have to admit that my warm-up walk went a little longer than I’d planned because I bumped into a lady from one of my groups here and we got yapping. (I figured since I work at home alone all week, I’d take advantage of some socialization while I had the opportunity.)

I really have to give props to the Terry Fox foundation and the people of London. That was a fantastic event. It was really low-key, not a lot of big media presentations or extravagance, which I actually really appreciated. I’ve often wondered how much of the money I’ve raised for various charities in the past got spent on PR rather than the cause. (I did get a certificate, a ribbon and a sticker for finishing and that totally tickled me so I say money well spent!) They had banners up for everyone to sign and several of the ones from years passed posted to show and they were all packed.

The volunteers were on the ball and so friendly. It was a real family event too. (I know because I was getting lapped by little kids and their grannies!) Lots of teams with photo t-shirts of loved ones they were running for. That always gets me, but that’s kind of the point. They had a small bandstand set up with microphone and speakers. The emcee presented awards for distinguished volunteers and runners who have actually done the event every year since it began!

The weather was perfect and Springbank park is lovely. I haven’t run outdoors in years, and it’s really different from the treadmills at the gym. I think I have to make a weekly habit of hitting the trails there for variety. (I say that now, wait for allergy season and we’ll see how long that lasts.)

I’m already planning to do the run again next year. It was a really special thing to be a part of.