My more mercenary side has officially taken over and I’m easing further into making Promises Promises a viable revenue stream. (That’s bid’ness talk for “selling out”.)

If you look beneath the comic and the navigation buttons for the swanky new “Buy Print” option with the word bubble icon:You can purchase your very own signed, glossy, black and white print of your favourite Promises comic! (woo hoo!) Just make sure you’re on the page with the comic you want before you hit the button so the right one gets ordered. The overall page sizes are 8.5 x 14, but the image sizes vary depending on the comic.

These prints are my first dabble in online sales, (so please drop me an email if something isn’t working), but a full Promises Shop is in the works, where I will eventually be taking commissions and stocking all kinds of great stuff we never knew we needed.