DSCN3067Had a great weekend here! It was nice and cool and the sun was out, finally wrapped up a particularly heavy workload and that meant time to get out in the garden!

You may or may not remember my efforts at planter-gardening last year, but I really got a lot out of it so this year I upped my game and dug a 4’x8′ patch in the yard, in addition to my planters. I got some pepper plants at the garden centre and started some great herbs indoors for the planter boxes. My garlic chives, thyme and dill from last year sprouted back up and (as you can see), are looking (and smelling) great! That was more exciting than I’d like to admit.DSCN3068

It’s still pretty cold here at night, but it’s supposed to warm up this week so I’m holding off on the outdoor seeds and transplants till probably Thursday or Friday.

The digging was a lot more work and a lot more time consuming than I expected it to be. According to the calorie counter at about.com,  it burns about 340 cal/hr and I’m using that information to validate the nice cold Strongbow cider I had after several hours of shoveling away.

As illustrated in today’s comic, I spent a rather surprising amount on tools, supplies and seeds. When I think about it, come harvest time, it probably works out to something like five bucks a tomato. But, I’m enjoying the work and at this phase, it’s probably best to focus on the hobby aspect of it all.