Not to brag, but I was quite the little cookie pusher in my day. I can remember sitting at the kitchen table with my Dad working out my “pitch” (being a salesman’s daughter, we take these things very seriously) and dragging my poor Mum all over the neighbourhood making deliveries. That was back when people actually walked (or took their dinosaurs) from door to door.

Last week Fit Bottomed Girls posted an article about the calories in Girl Scout Cookies* (What!? These aren’t loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidents?). Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to check out the nutritional info on anything you’re eating but to me, buying Girl Guide cookies has been more about supporting those ridiculously cute little girls. I hold no illusions about the content and usually ended up taking the boxes into the office to leave on the break room table… admittedly, this has been less effective since I started working from home.

In doing some follow up reading about the Guide/Scout cookie sales, I found out that you can send a box of cookies to the troops serving overseas. What a great idea! Showing some support for the little troops and the big troops, all while keeping temptation out of my freezer.


*Girl Scouts – USA, Girl Guides – Canada