Last week I started month 2 of my insanity challenge. It did not go well… I’m no fitness pro, but I can’t help thinking that if you have to take a barf break during more than three workouts in one week, you’re probably working at the wrong fitness level.

Call me crazy.

Does this let me off the hook? No, absolutely not. It just means I have more work to do. I have every intention of completing this challenge, but in order to do that, I have to fall back and do some more building up. There’s not sense in making myself sick and frustrated. In my experience, that’s a direct path to quitting. So, I’m back at week 2. I’m not thrilled about it but I’m not going to let it discourage me. The good news is that I can do a lot more than I could before and I’m down a few inches* so I’m pretty sure it’s the right choice.

I hope y’all are enjoying the new Promises Promises site. A lot has changed and I’ll get more into that later, for now, I’ll direct your attention to the new 2014 appearances scheduled below and in the sidebar.

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I’m also delighted to be a part of the March Break Comic Book Jam! March 12th at the central branch of  London Public Library. Hope to see you there!

*1.5″ around my middle, 0.25″ around my arms and 0.5″ around my thighs. But I still haven’t bought a scale so I don’t know whether my overall weight is up or down. I’m clinging to that old, “ignorance is bliss” philosophy.