Ok, so it looks like every thing is working again. (Crossed fingers, knocking on wood between pinches of salt over the shoulder!)  That took much longer than I would have liked and thanks to everyone who has been checking-in and sent questions to the Baroness’s forumspring. She has had a lot of fun answering them and will continue to take new ones so feel free to drop over there and ask her anything on your mind.

Outside of the big computer drama the last three weeks have been heavily overloaded.  The good news is that busy means working.  I managed to get a lot of writing and penciling on the comic done and continue my contract work.  Picked up a really fun project with some friends that wrapped up successfully just last night, and found a bunch of new ideas to explore in the weekend weigh-ins.  The bad news is that the new ideas came out of a more-error-than-trial series of inspirations, I didn’t get time to sit down and do my inking, or go to the gym, or really focus my attention on a lot of the things I’m normally pretty good at keeping up on…which ironically was the point of the story line I just started in the comic. B-ugh.

More on that later, this weekend is the first Wizard World Toronto show!  Despite my last few weeks absence, Brian and I will be there, in Artist’s Alley, taking commissions and sketching our brains out.  I’ll have the Promises mini and Brian has another new story, Don River debuting!  (I’m trying to be supportive, but his relentless self-discipline is galling.)  Hope to see you there, and next week back to the business of posting comics and grousing about our wellness.