The recent back-dated posts have raised some questions from my RSS feeders so I’d better give a little explanation here.

March was an out-of-control month for me.  Which is not to make excuses, because I was still penciling  whenever I got the chance, but finding sit-down inking and Photoshop time was difficult.  So there are a few weeks of blue-penciled comics scattered all over my home office here waiting for my attention.  The reasons I’m doing the back-dating dump instead of just moving forward into April are that the boot-camp comics were pretty time-frame topical and I’m still holding onto my goal to have enough comics made by the end of the year to put a book together and that means I gotta do the make up work.

So, if you’re lost, check back to HERE, that’s where this story line started and read forward, there’ll be some one-of gags scattered in too but the boot-camp bit runs through the whole month.