Thanks for coming back! I’m working on today’s strip, I’ll have it posted this evening.

Lots of big things to celebrate while I was gone, Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Lunar New Year and welcome the year of the Tiger! (My sweetie and my Dad are both Tiger-people, I’m a Dragon myself.) Happy Family Day,  Louis Riel Day and Islander Day to all of you enjoying the long weekend!  Last but certainly not least, a big congratulations to Josh who fell for the ol’ I-Do-gag and went and got himself hitched! Wishing you both a long and happy life together.

It looks like Brian and I will be attending the new Wizard World Toronto, (formerly Paradise Comicon) March 26-28 at the Direct Energy Center, Exhibition Place.  Looking forward to seeing what Wizard brings to the show.  I imagine it’ll be a very different set-up.  Also, I’m wondering how the DEC will look all nerdified.  Any time I’ve been there it’s been for the Christmas One Of A Kind Show or the opening and closing ceremonies for the Weekend To End Breast Cancer.  I don’t see Wizard World going with that much pink.  Either way, hope to see you there. We’ll be taking commissions and sketching our little hearts out.  I’ll have copies of the Promises Promises mini and Brian will be fully stocked with Lucy Legacy and No Way Jose(s), with any luck we’ll see his new magnum opus Jim and Jenn in print soon too.  What can I say?  That guy is a publishing monster.


On that note, and not to be outdone, best be getting back to the old drawing board, as it were.