A very big, very special treat arrived for me this weekend. I got a whole new set up of desks for my home office courtesy of a moving sale at my sweetie’s office. So far they’re great, just the right height (the one I had before was too tall for me), and they wrap almost all the way around the room with enough space on the front side by the closet for my bookshelves!  I’m just getting the last of my stuff back into place and thought it would be fun to share. (Ok, I’m just showing off. It’s really shameless.)

The command centre – Computer, Cintiq, printer etc. Don’t mind the sketchy blue marks on the walls (Photoshop), I was just trying to figure out where to put some other artwork I have up. Incidentally, my Mum made my curtains and my Auntie Kathy made the quilt on my chair.

Drawing table, art supplies, assorted brick-a-brack and I still maintain that sitting on that ball keeps the back and shoulder pains away.

I have a lot of stuff my super talented friends have made. Artwork, puppets, books, stained glass, photos etc. In this case, my friend Arlen made Apollo’s little jacket. Every time I look at it I get “Living In America” stuck in my head.