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The great advertising experiment trundles on! I have to say, emphatically and for the record, these ads are part of a bidding system and, (except for the Promises Ads) should not be considered endorsements by Promises Promises, myself personally or any affiliates. Especially when I’m seeing ads for things like the Mango Man Diet! I have no idea what that is and frankly internet diets are a little terrifying.

On to things that are endorsed by me!

Firstly, we’ve swept up the last of the construction dust over here and with thanks to JJ over at Digital Impulse, the site is finally looking the way I want it to! If you’re in need of a good web designer I have to recommend JJ. He knows his stuff, he’s a great communicator and his rates are really reasonable.

Secondly, I picked up a book I have to share. Cyberfeasts & Foodstocks II is a collaborative effort by the International Foodwine Discussion List. Truth be told, I actually only bought it because a friend of mine is a member of the group and we always want to support our people but I was incredibly impressed when it arrived.  It’s two hundred and fifty recipes thick and loaded with tips and tricks from professional chefs, caterers and food hobbyists like myself. (People who like to cook and eat; I don’t like the word “foodie”.)

It starts with a really touching memorial to Bob Pastorio, kitchen guru and by all accounts wonderful guy who is very much missed by the whole community since his passing. The chapter that follows is the Pastorio Fundamentals, which basically teaches how to make anything from anything for any occasion. So far I’ve only made a couple of the anything risottos and cream of anything soups. The whole chapter is an invitation to fearlessly step out of your culinary comfort zones and find your own favourite combos.

Everything in here looks fantastic, but between you and me, the recipe for eggplant patties alone is worth the price of the book.

Murder is always a mistake.
One should never do anything
that one cannot talk about
after dinner.
~Oscar Wilde

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