CanFit – New Convention For 2012

Happy first day of March! Although, in spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love*, a cartoonist’s fancy turns to thoughts of convention season!

I’ve already locked down a few dates. Brian and I will be at Kazoofest in Guelph again, it’s a small show, but really fun and I’ve also confirmed our space at my personal favourite, the Toronto Word On The Street festival.

The big announcement is that I will be at the CanFitPro Consumer Fitness and Wellness Show in August! I’m really excited about this one, I’ve been to a couple of them and it’s a great event, really big with lots to see and do and some great deals on everything from fitness equipment to protein snacks.

This will be my first time exhibiting at a fitness show, since I’ve done mostly comic cons until now, I’m a little nervous about being a bit out of my wheelhouse. CanFit is usually the week before FanExpo and they’re both in the same part of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. So to illustrate; here are photos I took from the exact same entrance, of the exact same hall, exactly seven days apart.

Not convinced? Ok:

Posing with fit heroes/Posing with fan heroes.

Fit show shopping/Fan show shopping:

Fit panel/Fan panel:

Fit demos/Fan demos:

Not judging, of course, they’re both full of awesome people, a lot of fun, just very different demographics. At the end of the day we all put our sweat pants on one leg at a time. I’m just hoping that the comic is as well received by the fit-crowd as it has been by the fan-crowd.

Speaking of which, I’ve applied for a guest spot at FanExpo but haven’t confirmed yet. So far, I’m only doing Toronto shows this year. That decision has more to do with budget than geography so if you want me to come to your local show, drop them an email about inviting me and I’ll certainly look into it.


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