All right!  As of this post, I am officially caught up to my recovery from the great nasty-virus-protection-racket of March…And it’s only going into the second week of May….Woot!

I’m still doing my best to catch up, and now that all of the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted I think it’s ok to announce the big news in my little world.  Just after I got my computer back up and running, I found out we would be moving to a new town.  So I am leaving for London Ontario next month.

Anyone who has ever dealt with the buying and selling of property will validate me in saying that it is a stressful, time consuming, disorganized process.  Every time you try to sit down and work you get the boot so someone can some snoop around your house.  Thankfully, we had two of the best realtors I’ve ever encountered on our team, Shelley Weichel and Blair Patton, who made the whole process as painless as possible, if it wasn’t for all of the house work, I’d actually say they were both a lot of fun, but honestly, vacuuming makes me really bitter.

So, the catch-up will continue through the end of June, after the move is settled a bit I’ll get back to posting the Weekend Weigh-ins and general blogging.  If the comic isn’t caught up by then I’ll just start posting forward. I’m having nightmares about sitting at my desk on New Year’s Eve like Charlie Brown, only instead of reading War and Peace I’ll be inking the Halloween comic.

You may or may not have noticed, I’ve attached a link to The Baroness’s forumspring on the left sidebar.  Thanks to everyone who has sent her questions, she has been tackling the really tough issues, like the importance of not dropping the soap.