Yesterday was my first day back to the gym in…about eight weeks (I think? Something like that). I was planning to go back last Monday, but then the cough started up again and bla bla bla.

The thing about Pneumonia is that it’s not one of those “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” situations. It kicks you in the chest and it takes a while to get back up. So when I say “back to the gym”, that actually means walking the treadmill for an hour.

Everyone says I really have to take it slow and ease back into activity, but when you find yourself winded after a ten minute walk when you know you are (were) capable of running 5k in an hour, it’s that’s harder and more frustrating than it sounds.

So for now, I will keep walking. I figure if I can do an hour every day this week without the cough coming back, then (fingers crossed) I might be able to start back to some of my classes next week. Which would be good for everybody because frankly, it’s getting really hard to come up with comic ideas without my primary source of frustration inspiration.