This morning I read on the CBC site that the Farmers’ market I like to go to in St. Jacobs burned down, last night. I’m having a surprisingly hard time with it.

Obviously, I’m relieved that no people or animals were hurt, and I’m sure they’ll rebuild. But I guess my sentimental attachment to the place runs deeper than I thought.

There is certainly no shortage of memories connected with the market. I go up there pretty regularly, on Thursdays through the warmer months, to stock up on all the good stuff and have lunch with my Dad. Afterward, we walk around for a while, chatting about anything and buying everything in sight. These are my favourite afternoons.

Then there’s the hours spent on whatever project I was stocking up for; Packing jars of pickles and peppers with Mum, baking fruit pies with my friend Karen, buckets of jams and jellies for holiday gifts, the meats I’d spend days marinading for barbecues and parties, the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners that required endless hours of cooking, for which I wanted all the best stuff, (I’d say that was for the benefit of my guests, but really, I love the attention).

I’ve seen a ton of photos today of the damage, but I’d like to share my fonder recollections, so I’ve put together this little gallery of my market (and related) photos on the Promises Promises Facebook page. I hope you enjoy.