gocomicsI am very pleased to announce Promises Promises is now a member of the GoComics stable!

Welcome new GoComics readers (and if you’ve been here before, it’s nice to see you again). I’ve started posting comics from early in the archives there to give our new friends a chance to catch up and to see how well Promises Promises does with the new audience. So far the response has been… well, promising. 🙂

If it continues to go well, I’ll get started on reviving the strip in 2016.

Which will likely mean reviving my gym membership too.

This could get painful.

Additionally, if you’re a regular here but unfamiliar with GoCommics, it’s really worth checking out. It’s free, they have a huge catalog of classics and new-comers to explore, (check out Breaking Cat News, very cute and funny), and you can set up a feed of your favourites and/or even have them emailed directly to you.