Good Eats – It’s Not A Diet

I’m a big fan of the food network.  It’s my channel of choice at the gym and easily my most-clicked link on line.

Alton Brown of Good Eats has been a favourite of mine and my Dad’s for a while. He’s really entertaining and clearly knows his stuff, but recently he’s lost a lot of weight and did an episode on how he did it without “dieting”.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I’m linking the youtube videos I found below.  He gives a lot of great information about the distinction between eating energy dense  foods, (caloires) and nutritionally dense food, (water, fiber, vitamins, minerals etc)  and that is exactly what will make or break a weight loss plan or transition into healthier eating habits.  If you’re eating nutritionally dense food, you’ll feel fuller longer and once you’re out of the habit of eating the sweeties and the salties, you won’t have that deprived feeling.

In Alton’s case, he broke his plan down into lists:

Things to eat Daily

– Fruits
– Whole Grains
– Leafy Greens
– Nuts
– Carrots
– Green Tea (there it is again! I have to remember to do that tea-post)

Things to have at least 3 times a week

– Oily Fish
– Yogurt
– Broccoli
– Sweet Potato
– Avocado

Things to only have once a week

– Red meat
– Pasta
– Dessert
– Alcohol

Thing to eat – Never

– Fast Food
– Soda
– Processed meals/frozen dinners
– Canned soup
– “Diet” anything

You’ll notice the Never list is all food loaded with salt, chemicals, preservatives and sugar.  Things we know aren’t any good for us and by comparison, aren’t nearly as tasty or pretty as the stuff Alton puts together on the show.

Live and let diet pt 1

Live and let diet pt2

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