The good news is that I’ve got some contract work that I’m pretty excited about and enjoying a lot!

The bad news is that this work turns out to be a bit more time consuming than I had estimated and the comics are suffering for it. I really don’t like scrambling on the day a comic is due, only to post work I’m not very happy with. So, this will be the last Friday comic we’ll have for a while. I’m going to a Tuesday and Thursday posting schedule, from next week, (Nov 27th) until the new year. We’ll go back to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on January 7th.

The other good news is that this project will top up the budget for, (are you ready for this? Big fanfare, announcement time!) the second Promises Promises collection; Starting Monday!


I had hoped to have it ready in time for Christmas, but budget is as budget does, so it’s looking more like, Starting Monday, will be ready in time for TCAF (assuming they pick me to exhibit next year).

I will be setting up pre-orders eventually, but Paypal doesn’t like it when you collect money for something that isn’t going to be shipped directly and I can’t guarantee the release date just yet. So, if you want to reserve a copy for Christmas, email me and I’ll set up a gift card for you to stocking-stuff and ship your book out to you (or your gift-ee) as soon as I get them. In fact, I’ll make the, “upgrade to an artist-edition for free” holiday special, applicable to Starting Monday, from now until Christmas, as well.