Today’s comic, Some Assembly Required by Joel Duggan, is a fab crossover with his online strip, Starcrossed (Starcrossed-over?).

Joel (who will be tabling/paneling at Hal-con with me in October), did me a huge favour by looking out for the site while I was on holiday. I had uploaded the comics to post ahead of time but technology does magic when I’m not looking so having someone around who can smack it on the nose with a virtual rolled-up newspaper was a tremendous load-off (I could just picture myself stumbling around rural Scotland with my Blackberry in the air trying to find a few bars of wifi).

Check out Starcrossed when you get a chance. It’s a really well drawn and funny strip, “where dating is out of this world” (about the single life… and aliens).

When I think about it, Starcrossed and Promises Promises have quite a bit in common. We both find humour in insecurity, feature jogging, coffee, adorable sidekicks and tend to approach from a distinct gender perspective. This is really the first dude-centric comic here and I have to say, I’m liking the addition. I’ve been kicking around the idea of bringing in some male cast members for a while and now I may have to do it sooner than later. It kind of levels the playing field to think that ultimately, we all suffer the same appearance anxieties.

Thanks so much Joel!