Today’s comic was actually inspired by last night’s season premiere of The Biggest Loser. I figured keep it topical so I bumped the original strip I had ready for today.

I’ve mentioned this before, I’m not a big TV watcher. Most of my viewing time happens to be at the gym because it’s right in front of me, and when you go to an all-women gym, there is absolutely no chance they’re going to change the channel to Batman.  This is how my love/hate relationship with the Biggest Loser began. I have a hate-on for reality TV like none other, but the more of this show I caught, the more I was cheering for the contestants. I LOVE success stories and despite the transparent manipulation of the reality format, the forced rivalries, the syrupy music, and the crocodile tears, (there were a LOT of criers last season) I just love watching these people achieve successes they’ve never even conceived as possible. Right down to the very roots of their personality – imagine waking up for the first time in years, decades, maybe your whole life and realizing that you’re not starting your day hating yourself. That’s what happens to these people.

Also…I love Bob, (hee hee!) and the books are really good.

Anyway, the primaries for the new season were on last night and I’m watching these poor souls in agony trying to finish a one mile run. It broke my heart for them but really made me think, the pain in dieting and exercise that I mock so freely in this comic doesn’t come from passing up treats or pushing yourself through that step class when you don’t want to be there; those things are the beginning of the end of that pain.

Sounds maudlin when I read it back, but I’m enjoying the change of perspective.

The other one I caught a bit of on Monday was the new Hawaii Five-O. All I can say is that the Cylon and the guy from Lost have already been in two series that let me down. (Could we get some of the cast of Heroes in there?) I’m not falling for it again.