This week, Josh helped me get the Google Analytics up and running for the site. This is a really neat tool. It allows me to see how many hits the site gets, how they get there, what pages are checked out, and where they come from. (Hi Mom!) Of course when I say where they come from, I mean it gives me a broad region, not your home address, so no worries, I’m not going to show up at your door around supper-time.

It’s really surprising where the hits come from. I have friends in Canada and the States, so I could guess who some of them were, but there were a bunch of states lit up where I actually don’t know people. Hello! Welcome! Also, I had hits from Germany and Italy! Two places on my “must see” travel list. Willkommen! Benvenuti!

On that note, now that I know people are actually reading this stuff,  I’d best be getting some posting done. This week, however will not be one of my best weeks for posting. I’m happy to say I have a couple of projects on the go that have deadline-priority, I’ll talk more about them later. There should be a Wednesday strip, barring any further drama with my car, house or computer and I will be keeping the blog updated with whatever little bits of inspiration I can dig up, so come on back!

À bientôt!