If You’re Bored then You’re Boring

Every day, there seems to be more information about the importance and value of strength training, particularly for women.

And women who regularly exercise with free weights and machines have higher self-esteem and an improved immune system. Weight training also reduces blood pressure, fights arthritis, strengthens bones, and helps the body process sugar more efficiently, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.


I understand and accept this information, but I’m also one of those women who will find a way to weasel out of it if I can and my excuses are pretty typical.

  • I’m afraid of looking stupid
  • I’m afraid of hurting myself
  • I get bored
  • I’m tired after cardio
  • I don’t wa-aaa-na

Ridiculous. But logic rarely enters into weaselly behaviour.

I only found out recently (ok, I only checked recently), that there are alternatives to standing around heaving weights and wondering if everyone in the gym is watching me and judging my poor form and sweaty red face (they’re not). Turns out, my gym even had a bunch of them! Lucky me!

I’ve been taking a run at the TRX and Amazing Intervals classes. They’re hard, and I can’t keep up with some, most, almost all of the class yet, but they’re fun and keep me wanting to come back.

There’s usually a nice chunk of cardio mixed in and up-tempo music so I don’t get bored. There’s an instructor there the whole time to correct my form and help me choose the weights and other equipment that I’ll get the most out of, without overdoing it or hurting myself. The other big bonus to doing my strength training in groups is that watching the folks who can rock the program is crazy inspiring! There’s a terrific energy in the room and it’s like getting a peek into the possible future!

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