So far, it’s been a bit of a rough week. I’m using that literally and figuratively in this case as I’m way behind on the comic due to some other life-BS that frankly, I could do without. But, ever the optimist, I’ve decided to make a lemons to lemonade opportunity here.

On several occasions, I’ve been asked about my process and since posting rough comics is better than not-posting comicsat all, I’m opting to show them until I can get the final line work done.

As you can probably tell just by looking, these were penciled digitally. Currently, I’m using Manga Studio Debut. It’s got some nice customization options for pencils and pens so it’s a lot more like working on paper, as opposed to using Illustrator, which (in my opinion) is about as natural as drawing with a dead fish that’s been nailed to my forehead.

Please feel free to drop me any questions in the comments. I’ll answer them as soon as I can, but do check back, it may take me a day or two to respond.