As promised, I restarted my Insanity program at the beginning of the year. There were a few  things that I wanted to do differently this go around now that I’m a little more familiar with the exercises. I know there’s going to be a pretty steep learning curve before I get better at many of them so decided that form, more than speed was the objective. If I can’t do 8 push ups to the count, I would do 4 perfect push ups and build from there. And on one hand, it’s working, there’s a definite sense of progress, on the other…


One of the things I’m struggling with a little bit is boredom. Not during the workouts, there’s no time for that, I’m too busy worrying about dying to get bored there. But getting motivated to do the same DVDs over and over has required a little more effort. That’s mostly my fault, because I’ve restarted the program a few times now so I haven’t moved on to the rest of the workouts in the set. But I find myself looking at the titles and immediately focusing on the parts of it that I dread most, (“Oh gawd, power jumps and globe jumps, I’ll barf!”). So I’ve been making regular trips to the Warrior Dash website. They’ve posted details about the obstacles I’ll be facing in July and if I’m going to survive some of them, I’d better get off my butt and do my training!

Fear can be a terrific motivator.