Insanity – Week One

Just wrapped up day 7 of my 60 day challenge; Cardio Power and Resistance. The same workout that almost killed me on day 3, but I’m pleased to report that there has been some progress.  While I won’t say it was any easier today than it was before, I can do a whole lot more and I’m taking that as a victory.

If you weren’t following along on Twitter or Fitocracy here’s a breakdown of how the week went:

Day 1: The fit test was really hard and embarrassing. The first day of any new program is always the worst because you have to face what I call “the reality in the numbers”. It’s a cold shower, lemme tell you.

Day 2: Suspect I may never walk again…on the upside, I no longer fear hell.

Day 3: Still sore from the #%*!ing fit test! It’s as if they don’t even know that I haven’t been able to use my limbs since Monday!

Day 4: Cardio Recovery… I don’t think that means what they think it means.

Day 5: The recovery day did more good than I thought. Made it through, Pure Cardio without barfing! I am now listing, “that time I didn’t barf”, among my life’s greatest accomplishments.

Day 6: Same workout as day 2 but I did much better and was able to stand, (sort of) and walk/wobble to the shower in significantly less time.

Day 7: Rest day! But actually found myself wondering if I should do my Cardio Recovery DVD, just to keep up the momentum. My coach said no, that the rest was important and hey, who am I to argue with the coach?!

As delighted as I am with this consistent sense of progress, I won’t have any numerical proof of it until my second fit test, next Monday. Fingers crossed!

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