Haven’t done an update on my Insanity challenge in a while, mostly because I blew it (sort of).

Ok here’s what happened:

I got myself in a bit of pout about my second fit test results and wasn’t happy with my week three effort so I decided it was worth doing over. Then I got sick and figured I should do week three over again. I still wasn’t happy with my results, a cold will always slow me down* but I moved on to week four anyway and then I hurt myself**. So I tried to do week four over but I can’t do the jumping around. I can modify most of the workouts to the lower impact versions, but that is seriously boring. I’m going to keep doing the DVDs as best I can, but until this leg loosens back up, I need to go to spin and TRX classes or something with less impact on my boo-boo.

I’m calling a do-over on the challenge. I’m going to make it my New Year’s resolution. That’ll give me plenty of time to recover and hit the ground running on 2014.

On a side note. The insanity workouts are very aptly named. I got all pumped up after one of my circuit DVDs and signed up for Warrior Dash in July.

Yeah… It seemed like a good idea at the time.


* I’m a bit of a suck that way.
**Nothing serious, I did something stupid and aggravated an old injury.