I was reading through another fitness magazine last night looking for comics inspiration. For the record, I still have a hate on for most womens’ magazines. Generally speaking, I find them pretty trite and condescending, bordering on downright insulting. That said, there are usually some diamonds in the rough. Some new exercises I want to try, a recipe, a book review, some helpful tidbit about packing light or organizing my budget etc. I still don’t care what the celebrities are doing…or who for that matter. But I’ve said all of this before.

Last night, I read an article that truly inspired me about the Afghan women’s national football team – Afghanistan’s first female soccer club. Sports is something that I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to take for granted. In my life time, there has always been pick up games, rec leagues, school teams, gym classes and health education for girls in my communities. Not to mention places to play that were never grounds for mass execution or within hearing distance of actual bombing.

These women are incredible. They’re pushing back social and family pressure, ridicule and even threats in pursuit of what they want and love in life. That will speak to generations of people to come.

If you get a chance, I encourage you to read the article and join me in wishing these Wonder Women every success on and off the field by sending a note of support to AfghanWomen@rodale.com.