I don’t know how I’ve missed this up until now but I just found Nerd Fitness!

The energy in this community is fantastic! Super positive and all about “leveling up” your life. I love that. No bullying, just a lot of really positive people and good information presented in a really fun way.

I recommend 7 “Healthy” Foods that Actually Suck to get you started. While I’m not a nerd-core paleo follower, this is exactly the kind of clean eating stuff I’ve been squawking about for the last year or so.

Reading through the forums has me thinking about my own goals. Last year it was to do the 10k Terry Fox run and that was great but this year I really want to try something new that I can get excited about.

My friend Dee and I were talking about doing the CN Tower stair-climb, but that’s in April and considering the state I’m in with the Pneumonia (basically zero and still not back to the gym 🙁 ), that might be a little ambitious.

Then I found Warrior Dash! This looks like SO much fun and the end of July might not be an unreasonable stretch for training time. (maybe?) Anyone here tried it?