The dust is settling around here finally.

The move went as well as any move can. It’s always a disorganized process that takes longer than you think, but no losses or damages, so I call that a win…The toll it took on my diet however – BLUGH! I’ll save that for a weekend weigh-in post.

It’s been so great getting back into the comic. It’s one of those things that you don’t realize how much you miss doing until you start back up. Which brings me to messing with the RSS feeder(s)… again. I’m still back-dating the comics. Partly because I have all of these pencil drawings that I started but never got a chance to finish before the move and the freelance onslaught, that are pretty seasonal, but mostly because I also haven’t finished writing anything new in a while. I’ve been finishing up and posting the more neutral strips to get the ball rolling, but I had the Easter one, and it was really bugging me that I never posted it. I was hemming and hawing about it so much my buddy Mike finally told me just to suck it up and post it. So I’m dating it to April 2nd and shoving it into the archives and getting over myself about it. If you’re one of my RSS subscribers, (hi Mom!) don’t mind the Easter joke…just think of it as a sign of the resurrection of the comic. 😉

For the rest of us, just click the thumbnail below to see it or feel free to surf the archives.