I got very little accomplished this week and it’s all the fault of the Old Spice marketing team. They set up what can only be described as the most brilliant marketing strategy in the history of the world – ever.

Mano A Mano In El Bano was set up as a challenge issued to the Old Spice Guy by Fabio for the title of Old Spice guy. What followed was a week of youtube videos of the two, answering tweets and facebook posts in the manliest game of sexy manly man one-upsmanship conceivable.

Whether you’re team Old Spice Guy or team Fabio, it’s worth checking out these videos the next time you need a bit of silliness. I can not remember laughing this much about anything else, let alone three days of commercials. I would have thought it was all scripted and shot weeks ago then just posted intermittently, but they must have had a team of writers and prop masters right on standby because they were actually answering live tweets. I know because mine was one of them!

Hey, I like grapes.