There’s a little game going on at the forum. Largent of Wannabe Pirates discovered that tomorrow, (Friday. August 28) is National Banana Appreciation Day!

Google it, I’m not making that up.

Truthfully, I don’t even like bananas, but out of  respect for the banana’s contribution to decades of comedy, I jumped on the bandwagon and did a banana comic.

Here are links to some of the others on the forum who are taking part:

In other news; this is the big weekend for Toronto Fan Expo!

Brian and I will be parked in Artist’s Alley with the Kitchen boys again sketching our little fingers off. I’m looking forward to it enormously, along with the Promises mini, I’ve put together a little sketchbook of some of the work I did for Utopia Kingdoms and Legends of Zork. Hope to see y’all there!