It appears I was mistaken when I said I was finished with my appearances this year. Two new events have come up that I’m sure you’ll want to come and check out!

The first is a launch/signing for Monstrosity. I’ll be there with a whole bunch of the other writers and artists who were involved in the project so you can get a mess of signatures on your copy… or get a copy for each signature if that’s what you prefer! I will also have a stack of the Promises Promises books there, for your purchasing pleasure.

The second is the Toronto Indie Arts Market, Small Press and Literary Festival. I’ll be there with Adriana Blake, the tea sippin’ talent behind Fall On Me. We will both have books, prints and cards for sale. If you wanted a commissioned piece of work or a Promises Promises original, please email me by Wednesday, December 11th, so I can have it ready when you get there.