This break from the Monday, Wednesday, Friday, comics schedule is allowing me some much needed time to upgrade a lot of site stuff.

I’ve finally finished replacing old comics with the revised versions that went into Starting Monday, updated the appearences announcements, gotten started on e-books assembly and am currently in the process of revamping the About page, (after five years, it’s a bit out of date).

The Links page is loaded up with the latest too. The big new feature there is the Amazon recommendations widget. I’ve got it stocked up with a bunch of stuff that I really like but a lot of it is kind of off-topic for this site. I wouldn’t necessarily get around to talking about it here, but I’ve left my two cents in little blurbs under each listing and can update it clickity-split any time I want!

BSCoverOne of the books I’ve got listed in the new widget that I’ve been itching to talk about is The Big Skinny by Carol Lay. A brilliant friend of mine recommended it to me a few weeks ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it as I think everyone here will too.

It’s a very personal account of the author’s own struggles and successes…personal, and very familiar. She touches on pretty much everything that me and everyone whose ever been on the weight rollercoaster can relate to in such a fun and genial manner that  by the end, you kind of feel like you’ve made friends with the Carol character. (I’d totally invite her to my birthday party.)

It’s beautifully drawn, really funny and loaded with excellent information. And I mean really good advice, not the kind of thing the Baroness (however much we love her), dishes out.

Do yourself a favour and add this one to your summer reading list.