Happy Guy Fawks Night! Nothing like celebrating with a burning effigy.

Obviously, we’re into November. As promised, I’m back to posting. (yippeee!)  Thanks to all for the super nice compliments and very flattering links. Particularly to Bree and Hello with Cheese. I really enjoyed SPX and it was mostly to do with the awesome folks we met there. Already looking forward to seeing y’all again in 2010! (see that? “Y’all”. I’m practicing my American.)

Speaking of cheese, I went ahead and posted the Halloween strip…and back-dated it. You’ll have to just go back one to see it.

As mentioned, the plan is to get back to regular posting, so there will be a Monday strip. (Very exciting!) Also I’ve been looking into my own diet and exercise maintenance (OK, reboot)  for the upcoming holidays, so November/December we will talk a lot about making time for our own wellness as well as  ideas about making sure we can all squeeze into that little black New Year’s Eve dress! I’ll pass on whatever I can dig up, see about getting some of my svelte friends to share their secrets and if you have a nugget that works for you that you’d like to share, drop me an email. I can’t speak for the whole Internet of course, but if you’re as sick as I am of magazines featuring gorge-worthy goodies and giant headlines, “Lose 20lbs by Festivus” only to find the recipes sponsored by the Fat n’ Fatter lard co. and an ad for liposuction…Well, I say it’s time to start building our own pool of reasonable, sensible, affordable, manageable resources and community with a bit of good humour to keep things interesting.

See you at the gym!