What’s the only thing prettier than this?



Truthfully, I haven’t been following the Olympics, but any time you get any combination of Canada, the USA and/or Russia playing hockey, it’s going to be a great game.  (What can I say?  We are winter people.)  Naturally I’m a little biased, but tonight’s men’s game was fantastic!  The kind of game that made me wish I went to sports bars.

I was actually kind of sad for the Americans when it was over, they played hard and clearly really wanted it.  But man, watching them get their medals was painful.  I get that you have to be playing for the gold the whole time and losing would be incredibly disappointing, but these are Olympic silver medals!  That’s awesome!  It’s not like they’re handing out Geminis here.  Hell, just having an Olympic “participant” ribbon would be a phenomenal achievement.

Big congratulations to all of the athletes!