Having a bit of drama here this afternoon.  I accidentally deleted the file containing all of the Promises Comics I’ve written so far.  I had about three weeks banked and I’m kicking myself so hard right now it’s actually making typing kind of difficult.

So I have to get this week re-written and sorted out so there will be a very late-tonight/early tomorrow comic posted and this time I will remember to back up the file. (g-ugh!)

In other news, I had a terrific spike in my hits this weekend! Big thanks to whoever it was who submitted Promises to stumbleupon! (If that’s how stumbleupon works, I’ve never used it but I’m assuming it works like reddit? Either way, very cool.)

I finally went to see Avatar.  I think I’m one of the last of the hold-outs on that one, but I’m glad I went to see it on the big screen.  The entire art department on that production was really on the ball.  It’s a very pretty movie.  That’s kind of high praise coming from me, I’m not so much a Cameron fan and honestly I went into it with a negative attitude, but the locations alone are worth the price of admission.

Ok, back to the drawing board…or in this case the keyboard.