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Happy Anniversary!

Two big things to celebrate today: Happy Canada Day! Promises Promises turns six years old! Yep. Six years, five hundred and fifty-nine comics and still rolling! First, I'd like to say a big thank-you to everyone for backing the comic over the years. You've made it...

Next Time, I’m taking the Elevator

Back in April, I let the real-life Shanta talk me into climbing the Chedoke stairs in Hamilton. It's 289 steps up the escarpment and she does this every Sunday, for FUN! Okay, I'm just being snarky. In fairness, I had a good time. There were four in our little team...

Early to Rise, Early to Run

I got behind on my training (quel suprise!) for the upcoming Warrior Dash so my friend, Claire has been helping me make up for lost time. She's one of these smart, responsible people who actually makes a lifestyle out of healthy choices; go exercise, eat vegetables,...

The App For That

I'm very pleased to announce; Promises Promises has joined the Comics Chameleon stable! If you're unfamiliar with Comics Chameleon, it's an online syndicate/collective of terrific webcomics. (I'm not just braggin' when I say that, it really is a thrill to be in such...

Ask The Cast

After an unfortunately lengthy hiatus, I'm happy to say Promises Promises is making a comeback this Monday, (June 2nd)! To help get things started, I'd like to take a page from Danielle Corsetto's book and do an Ask the Cast week. So email me, (via the contact page,...

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