The NEW Promises Promises collection!

We are only a week out from the official debut of Starting Monday!

I’m so excited about this book, it’s hard to sit still and type. It’s a nice thick volume of comics with another bonus selection of advice from the Baroness Knows Best. And here’s the big kicker for me; Sandra Bell-Lundy of Between Friends did the foreword! (squeee!) It’s the most amazing feeling when someone you’ve been looking up to for many years says nice things about your work.

I’d like to get a head start on shipping and artist editions this time, so I’m offering an early bird deal. Order now, from the Promises Shop and get your copy of Starting Monday, hot off the presses and upgrade to the artist edition at no extra charge! Wow!

I’ve also set up a bundle deal so you can save five big bucks, when you when you order both books together!

Pre-orders will be shipped out on Monday, May 13th, immediately following the debut weekend at TCAF and expires 2013-05-10.

Thanks so much to everyone who has and continues to support Promises Promises. Without your generosity, I’d have to give up comics and go get a “real job”, bugh!

That said, I’d better wrap this up and get this Friday comic posted for y’all.