Things are shaping up around here!

I got some fantastic help and advice from Phil over at WebComic Planet. (Thanks Phil!) Josh uploaded the new ComicPress for me and it’s got all these super fun new features.  So I’ve been playing with the site mostly.  Once you start to understand a little bit, it’s actually really fun.

So big thanks to Phil and Josh!

Back to business.  One of the great little tidbits of advice I got from Phil was to just keep posting. My schedule doesn’t allow me to keep the strips up to the quality I’d like, drawing time is a little scarce and will be into the fall, but I’m going to start posting sketches, ideas and keeping the blog updated at the least.

So, I give you today’s update, by Blair Kitchen of Possum Press. Blair did this sketch for me at the big Fan expo last weekend, (more on that later). If you’re not familiar with The Possum, go check it out right now! I’ve said it before, but Blair is one of the funniest cartoonists I know and he’s just released issue #4.

More blogging soon, gotta go draw something!