Redefining “Treats”

I must have been on auto-pilot when doing the groceries this week.  Without really thinking about it I grabbed a bucket of “Christmas Crackle” ice cream and had to stop myself from putting it in my cart.  It was a bit of a fight too.  I don’t usually keep ice cream in the house, but you can only get this one once a year and I really like it so it’s become a bit of an annual treat for me.  Resentfully, my inner spoiled-brat put the bucket back in the freezer and had a mental sulk – after all, who deserves a treat more than me! me! me?!?

That last part is marginally valid.  Everyone deserves a treat now and again.  In my case it’s the definition of the word treat that has to change.

I have some fantastically disciplined friends who hold out to meet their goals and get something big like, “after I lose 20lbs, I’m buying a new wardrobe”.  I can’t wait that long.  I need accolades. (me! me! me!)  Also, no matter how much weight I lose, unless that winning lotto ticket turns up my budget will not allow for a new wardrobe in one big shop.  So I got to thinking, the ice cream is $6.99 for the bucket.  I know my budget allows for a $6.99 treat, so what could I get for about that much, that wouldn’t break my diet or take up too much extra time?

My first thought was that I could get 5 new itunes for my work-out play list.  (Which seemed extra-disciplined to me and I was terribly impressed with myself about that.) Then it occurred to me that if there’s any place I’m going to get hit with a cheaty-treaty impulse, it’ll be the grocery store.  So here it is, under the new definition of healthy living, diet friendly, grocery store impulse:

Top 5 Treats

#5 – Magazines

Most grocery stores have a surprising selection of magazines.  They usually run between $3.99-$7.99.  Personally, I like the holiday publications, anything political, Scientific American Mind is a favourite, but I can’t get too high-brow about that because I’d grab a copy of MAD first.


#4 -Flowers

There’s always a nice selection of seasonal flowers and little potted plants priced right.  This time of year the pointsettias are really beautiful and super cheap.  For $6.99 I got two really nice ones for my front hall.


#3 – Tea

I haven’t forgotten, I will still do a tea-post.  There are dozens and dozens of varieties of tea to try.  The little tins at the grocery store are so cheap, you can try 2 new ones a week for less than $6.99!


#2 – Lip Balm

This is a dry time of year.  For $6.99 you can get a variety pack of 3 different flavourted lip balms.  Which is handy because I never remember which pocket I left mine in until I’ve sent them through the washing machine.


And the #1 Diet Friendly Grocery Store Impulse Treat IS…

#1 – Barrel Of Monekys!

That’s right! And the best part is that you can have 2 for that price!  That is 2 barrels and 24 monkeys for $6.00!!  WOW! What couldn’t you do with all those monkeys?  And since the grocery store only stocks a few toys and games this time of year anyway, it’s still a seasonal treat!


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